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Stay Calm and Follow Our Lead

I've been verbally blasted because the coronavirus isn't freaking me out.  Like people legitimately have accused me of not caring for others and even my son.  Come on!  Of course I care.  But, I'm not losing my mind over this.  Life must continue, if not for me, for my son. His whole life is turned… Continue reading Stay Calm and Follow Our Lead

What Will It Take?

This mission of mine has evolved over the past couple of years.  I think that sometimes while we are driving down the road , a pothole comes out of nowhere and forces us to turn the wheel and head in another direction.  For me, I didn't abandon the road I was on, I think I… Continue reading What Will It Take?

It’s Gonna Take a Village!

Coming off of my last post, I think of us parents with special needs as a giant, worldwide community.  Like so many movements that have come before us, in order for us to make real change, we have to do some hard things.  We, as a community need to band together, decide how we want… Continue reading It’s Gonna Take a Village!

Lack of Inclusion or Full On Exclusion?

This article came out in my local paper this week.  I had to read it more than once and then let it simmer before the disgust I felt was at a point I could write this post with any sense of calm.  My words were not flowing for a while there this morning. Here's the… Continue reading Lack of Inclusion or Full On Exclusion?

The Case of Restraint

Disclaimer:  There are exceptions to every rule.  Children and adults with disabilities are people with their own individual needs and desires.  The ideas and advice given in this blog are for your consideration only and should not be taken as legal, medical or educational advice, as every single situation is different. I'm about to write… Continue reading The Case of Restraint

What About the Others?

One of the toughest things about parenting more than one child when one child has a disability is finding a way to meet all of their needs without losing yourself.  So much has changed to help the person with a disability and their parents.  However, what has changed to help the siblings of the child… Continue reading What About the Others?

Recharge…your life may depend on it!

Parents, teachers and caregivers, today I come to you to to talk about self care.   I know, you probably just rolled your eyes.  I mean who has time or money or the energy to focus on ourselves, right? There's laundry to be done, gifts to be bought, a house to be cleaned and meals to… Continue reading Recharge…your life may depend on it!

What’s a Parent to Do?!

I met with our case manager yesterday.  She's the one who discusses services and funding, etc.  Essentially the gatekeeper to all funding.  She's a wonderful person and has a tough job.  I'm sure she faces a lot of confrontation.  So, I give her credit for doing a tough job.  Toward the end of the meeting,… Continue reading What’s a Parent to Do?!

A Different Perspective of ADHD

Someone I love has ADD with hyperactivity.   In this post, ADHD will be used to refer to ADD with hyperactivity.   No doctor has ever diagnosed him.  But, spend just a few minutes with him and he ticks off every marker on the symptom lists.  He's an adult now and made it through his childhood and… Continue reading A Different Perspective of ADHD

Oh the Holidays!

I have a special gift for you...make sure you read all the way to the end! I saw a post recently about someone's insane excitement that holiday season was imminent.  I wish I could show you all the way my face contorted as I read their post.  It was complete with eye roll and huffing. … Continue reading Oh the Holidays!