What Will It Take?

This mission of mine has evolved over the past couple of years.  I think that sometimes while we are driving down the road , a pothole comes out of nowhere and forces us to turn the wheel and head in another direction.  For me, I didn’t abandon the road I was on, I think I just added some accessories to my vehicle.

The potholes, in my case, were some crazy life events that made me really think about my business and my mission.   So, I’ve added a few “accessories”, if you will, to my car.  I’d like to share them with you.

-When I left education, I deeply missed working with children and the impact that I felt that I made every day.  I just felt like something was missing.  

-I attended a personal development conference last year.  I watched as 8,000 women, from 20-80 years old, came together, built friendships, cried as they accepted the trauma they’ve experienced and then were told they were worthy, capable and amazing and watched as they left that auditorium with their heads held high.  Changed.  Stronger.

-I learned that 3 family members attempted suicide in the past 7 months.  Two of them under 12 years old.  My heart broke to think that they just don’t know how important they are to the world.

-I learned that in the past 10 years, the rate of suicide among 10-14 year old females has tripled.  Tripled.

-I learned that suicide is now thought to be the second leading cause of death for Americans between 10 and 34.

I started to wonder…what would happen if we could reach boys and girls earlier.  What if we didn’t wait until people were grown before we started coaching them through personal development.  What if we could reach them before the evil thoughts enter their minds?  What if we can help them to see their value?  What if we can help them to accept their trauma and let it go?

See, the thing with knowing your value is that this knowledge can’t come from someone else.  Parents, teachers, friends, they can all tell a child how wonderful, smart and perfect they are, but if the child doesn’t believe it, then the effort doesn’t matter.  Of course, these people should continue to boost a child up, but is there more we can do?  I think there is.

We need to help children come to the realization of their worth.  Remember when your mom use to yell at you to clean your room?  Over and over for years and years?  But, it wasn’t until YOU decided to stop living like a hoarder that you started cleaning your room?  It’s the same here.

Kids are bombarded by social media, video games, television, and music that often send messages of comparison.  Other people are smarter.  Other people are more attractive.  Other people are doing better in life.  It’s everywhere and kids are not emotionally ready to handle this influx of negativity.  It’s just too much.

So, I decided to make a difference.  I’ve added a new accessory to my business.  It allows me to do what I love…encourage and educate kids.

I’ve created an assembly program to take children through the process of seeing they are not alone.  I help them see how others see them.  I help students believe they are amazing.

I’m not naive enough to think that a 40 minute assembly will change the statistics.  But I am bold enough to think that if we continue help children see their own value, we may begin to see change.  And, if one child leaves my assembly and stops self harming, reaches out for help or stops the spiral into a desperate decision to end a perceived valueless life, then I think I can call my presentation a success.

I’ve seen firsthand the great impact that a moment of realization and clarity can give to the human spirit.  That’s what I want to give to every kid that attends my presentations.

If you work with children in any capacity, please connect with me.  I’d love to hear about the needs of your organization and discuss how I can help.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to this new addition to my business and hope that my passion has come through this post.


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or visit my website at www.christenejackson.com.

Disclaimer:  There are exceptions to every rule.  Children and adults with disabilities are people with their own individual needs and desires.  The ideas and advice given in this blog are for your consideration only and should not be taken as legal, medical or educational advice, as every single situation is different.



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